What I offer

I am an environmental scientist with a broad background in agricultural and ecological research in different cultural contexts. Based on more than three decades of modelling experience, I can provide individual or integrated modelling solutions that address technical and theoretical issues of agricultural production, environmental health, socio-ecology and other related fields. As the practical application of such solutions often requires consideration of human contexts, I have developed the ability to integrate quantitative and qualitative data analysis methods using deep learning, statistics and mathematics (i.e. data science). This opens up a wide range of applications, from targeted technical solutions to problem-oriented integration of system relations to the analysis of complex adaptive systems. Apart from its practical use, I see integrated modelling as a useful approach to develop a theoretical understanding of socio-ecological, agroecological and environmental system relations and functions.

Having always practiced a good balance between modelling and experimentation, I have extensive experience in field research, developing research methods, transdisciplinary collaboration and managing integrative research projects I can apply in future projects. This includes social skills for interacting with all kinds of people.

I am currently seeking employment.


Rooted in environmental physics, plant physiological ecology and international agronomy I expanded my interests towards understanding human-land relations during wetland research in East-Africa since 2006. Through my research, I have developed new theories that have improved environmental policy-making, provided insights into farmers’ future imagination and integrated plant physiological knowledge across different scales of observation. I have successfully programmed and tested agrometeorological, crop and tree models, demonstrating my expertise in developing new theories also from a practical viewpoint. I possess extensive experience in improving, operating and programming environmental instrumentation for monitoring and modelling purposes. I have acted as a coordinator and PI in several collaborative research projects, with responsibilities for research integration and modelling. I am a trained farmer with six years of practical farming experience. I was certified as an AI developer in March 2024.


I link different aspects of ecosystem characteristics in integrated studies to understand socio-ecologies, design resilient agroecosystems, investigate ecosystem functions, characterize landscape ecologies, solve environmental conflicts, design environmental policies, and create sustainable agrofutures. I am experienced in working both public and private research.

With my extensive experience in university teaching and supervising doctoral students, I have the skills to develop new advanced courses in environmental science. Previous students have been very satisfied with my teaching in the context of their experience. My particular strengths lie in diverse fields including applied data science, artificial intelligence, mixed modelling, agronomy, plant ecology, environmental psychology, policy theory, mathematics and environmental physics.

I would also have a high interest in practicing my integration experience by moving to a nature reserve or regional agroecological project and contributing to solving environmental issues through socio-ecological citizen science. My expertise, integration and social skills make me a valuable member of any team.

If you are interested in engaging me, please do not hesitate to contact me by email.


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Hiking, novel reading, art, music, theatre, movies, cooking and meeting friends and colleagues.

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